One of Many is made possible, in part, by the support of some wonderful companies.

Partnership Guidelines:

  1. I am personally a paying customer of each partner, and love their product/service. 
  2. Each partner and their product are aligned with One of Many's mission to inspire, enable and empower creative independents and small business owners.
  3. Partners have no editorial influence.

If you're a company that would like to get involved as a partner, please be in touch. Your help is appreciated.

General Partner

Squarespace: Our mission is to provide creative tools that help anyone give a voice to their ideas.

My opinion: I have used Squarespace to build my personal website, the Family Records site, and the One of Many site itself. It's truly a pleasure to work on this platform, even for people with very little knowledge about building a website. The company itself employs some great people, and the fact that they care about helping others succeed oozes from every conversation I've had. I'm thrilled to have them on board for this project.

City Partners

Several companies have come on board as city-specific partners. 

Mailchimp: Send Better Email

City Partner for Savannah GA.

My opinion: I have been using MailChimp as my mailing list provider for years across several of my projects and they've never let me down. Great product, great customer service, great ethos. Also, most fun company ever.

Karma: Bring WiFi with you, everywhere you go.

City Partner for Seattle WA and Portland OR.

My opinion: I was an early Karma beta tester and have used and loved their product ever since. It's saved me in a bind before, when I had to deliver a file to a client and no WiFi was near. It also helps me meet great people randomly at coffee shops just by sharing my WiFi. 

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I'm looking for more city-specific partners to help make One of Many possible. If you're a company who would like to get involved as a partner, please be in touch. Your help is appreciated.

Design Partner

Stitch Design Co - A branding and digital agency.

My opinion: Working with Stitch on the One of Many  visual identity, branding and website was the best design agency experience I've ever had. Smart, kind, creative, and original. Highly recommended.

Disclosure: Stitch co-founders Amy and Courtney are featured in the Charleston essay. Their inclusion was decided on based on their standing in the Charleston creative community, previous to our work relationship, which was based on their beautiful past work.  

Transportation Partner

Lyft: A ride whenever you need one.

My opinion: I have been using Lyft ever since my trip to Seattle in 2013 and it's been great. I love that it's usually a driver's side-gig that helps bring in money while they focus on a creative pursuit. I have been using it to get around all the cities where they're active.

Creative Marketing Partner

WeTransfer is an online file-transferring platform. No hassle. No stress. No charge.

My opinion: After struggling with all the other file-transfer services out there, I finally found WeTransfer and haven't looked back since. I use it to send all my large art and audio files to clients. Reliable, fast, awesome. I'm excited to have them on board to help spread the word.

Disclosure: I also curate art for WeTransfer. Read more about that here.