What is One of Many about?

Creative communities are built by people with compelling stories. I'm traveling to twelve cities across the United States to capture these stories in portrait and writing.

Who is One of Many about?

Creatives in the broadest sense of the word. Designers, chefs, woodworkers, farmers, engineers, writers, coffee brewers and anyone else making something that moves people. 


To inspire and be inspired by the independent creative movement that is reshaping our economy and culture. To encourage and empower others to make the leap, and let those already there know they are not alone.

Why now?

We're in a special moment of change, with an increasing number of people choosing the path less traveled  opting for self-employment, freelancing, working remotely or from a co-working space, or joining a smaller company. I want to capture the start of what I think is a lasting and important movement.


Why is the project called One of Many?

Being a small business owner or a creative independent is exhilarating, but it can also be quite lonely and stressful. One of Many is a reminder that we are not alone. We are part of a growing movement. We are one of many.

Secondly, One of Many aims to combat the internal monologue that keeps some from pursuing their desired craft. By showcasing volumes of people who are already doing it, and they are just like you. We are one of many.

Who is the photographer/writer behind One of Many?

My name is Wesley Verhoeve. I'm based in Brooklyn and work out of Friends Work Here. Aside from photography and writing, my day-to-day includes curating art for WeTransfer, volunteering for Creative Mornings and a few other things. You can read about all of that here

That's me, with not my baby.

That's me, with not my baby.

I live in one of these cities! Can I recommend creatives to check out?

Absolutely! I'd appreciate it. Drop me a line now!

(Note that at this writing, I have completed each of the original 12 city trips, though essay publication still continues through May, 2016. Still, I'd love to hear your tips on people and places to check out.)

I want more! Where can I find more?

City photo essays are published once a month. For DSLR outtakes visit my Tumblr. For in-the-moment coverage as the trips happen, follow me on Instagram. Here are some recent shots, which will likely include a lot of food photos as well: 

How much time is spent in each city?

One full week, including the weekend. 

How many creatives do you meet in each city?

I try to meet as many as possible. Usually, around 35 or so.

How are the partner companies involved?

For the first six months, I self-funded One of Many. Since then, I have partnered up with several companies to help cover costs. 

Partnership Guidelines:

  1. I am personally a paying customer of each partner, and love its product/service.
  2. Each partner and their product are aligned with One of Many's mission to inspire, enable and empower creative independents and small business owners.
  3. Partners have no editorial influence.

Read more about my partner companies, and why I love them, here.
If you're a company that would like to get involved, drop me a line.

Will there be more cities after the first twelve?

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't hoping to continue One of Many beyond the first twelve cities. However, I am not thinking that far ahead, and instead will focus on making these twelve stories truly great first.

Feel free to let me know about cities you think would be great for a One of Many visit and photo essay! And please let your friends know about One of Many, because the bigger the audience, the more likely it is there will be more cities.

Who designed the One of Many website and visual identity?

The talented ladies at Stitch Design Co, and I couldn't recommend them more. 

Who did the lettering for the city names?

Yoko Sakao Ohama, a former office mate of mine!

Thank Yous

I couldn't have done this without the invaluable help and support from some of my very talented friends. In no particular order, these include Samantha Wilds, Tina Roth-Eisenberg, Sarah Judd Welch, RJ Owen, Jesse Hertzberg, Cameron Matthews, Kara Haupt, Thomas Williams, Rachel Keranen, Derrick Smith, Diego Castro, Constantine, Helena Price, Becca Barnett, Charles Adler, Madeline Vu, Brian Bailey, Bas Berkhout, Hanne Ghijsen, Danya Cheskis-Gold, Michael Galpert, Sam Valenti, Samantha Wilds, Amrit Richmond, Amber Rae, Caroline Moss, Albert Lee, Liz Danzico, Brannon McAllister, Kary Campbell, Craig Shapiro, Melanie Altarescu, Om Malik, Noah Robischon, Mikki Brammer, Ben Fahlgren, Jed Portman, Sterling Eason, Rebecca Conran, Scott Beale, June Kim, Behzod Sirjani, Lainna Fader, Amy Pastre and Courtney Rowson, Kathryn White, + team Stitch Design Co, Luke Beard, Monty Wolper, Seine Kim, Daniel Cohen, Liz Furze, Robert Gaal, Steven van Wel, Zach Cole, Austin Schumacher, Nalden, (so many more coming).

More questions? Let me know.